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The Membership at RSAOI will be of the following types


  • Serving In Station (Mess)
  • Serving In Station (Individual)
  • Serving Out Station
  • CGOs In Station


  • Associate Member (<70 Yrs).
  • Senior Associate Member (>70 Yrs)
  • Lady Member

Special Category

  • Hony Member
  • Ex Patron / Chairman

Gallantry Awardees (Chakra series only)

  • Serving
  • Retired / Ladies

As per Instructions issued vide HQ Southern Comd letter No 8305001/A1 (PP) dt 26 May 1973, all Army Officers posted in Stn are to become members of the RSAOI during their tenure at Bangalore since the facilities and amenities are created for Stn Officers.

Married accommodation will be allotted to the Officers by Stn HQ only on getting confirmation from RSAOI regarding the status of the membership. Likewise, Members will obtain clearance from RSAOI while moving out on posting / retirement. Out stn membership will be given to those officers whose families remain in stn.

The following category of officers are eligible for Associate Membership

  • Retired officers of Army who are in receipt of pension from the Defence Department and residing at Bangalore / within the State of Karnataka.
  • Released Emergency Commission / Short Service Commission Officers of the Army and Permanent Commissioned Officers of the Army released prematurely from service having minimum ten years commissioned (relaxable by Chairman in case of Battle Casualty) of unblemished service as an officer to their credit and residing at Bangalore. Such officers who have joined other Civil and Para Military Services will also fall in this category.
  • Retired officers of Navy and Air Force who are in receipt of pension, if residing at Bangalore, on recommendation of Executive Committee, subject to vacancies available.
  • Widows of Army officers residing in Station, until they remarry and widows of Air Force and Naval officers who are members of RSAOI until they remarry.
  • Retd Navy & Air Force officers equivalent to Maj Gen rank and above will be considered for grant of Associate Membership without any waiting period. However, their application will need to be ratified in the Executive Committee Meeting.
  • Associate Members who attain the age of 70 years will be accorded the status of Senior Associate Member.

CGO Membership be given to Class I civilian officers who are serving in Bangalore under the aegis of HQ K & K Sub Area. CGO will submit a certificate to the effect that he will relinquish his Membership on being posted out of Unit / Organisation within the jurisdiction of HQ K&K Sub Area or on retirement.

Honorary membership may be given to a highly reputed civilian gentleman and to any senior retired official for a period up to one year at a time, which can be extended by another one year. Extension beyond two years will not be permitted. Such gentlemen will be issued with a Honorary Membership Card and will be allowed to avail RSAOI facilities subject to the restriction laid down under these rules.

Honorary members are exempted from the deposit and subscription. However, if they ever visit RSAOI, they should be permitted to use the facilities after paying only usage charges as in the case of temporary members.

Grant of Membership to Short Service Commissioned Officers. Associate Membership will be granted to SSC Offrs on completion of minimum 10 years commissioned unblemished service as an officer. SSC Officers who are BC / Gallantry Award Winners / any other Officers whether PC / SS with less than 10 years of service boarded out medically being a Battle Casualty / Widow of a gallantry award winner will be permitted to apply for membership. SSC Offrs of 5 years service and retired upto 31 Dec 2007 are also eligible for Associate Membership.

Membership to TA Officers

  • Grant of Serving Membership to TA Offrs. Serving membership to TA Commissioned Officers stationed at Bangalore only be granted during the period of embodiment. For this purpose, every month the Unit has to fwd the nominal roll of officers who are on embodiment.
  • Grant of Associate Membership to Retd TA Offrs. Associate membership to Retired TA Commissioned Officers can be granted only on production of PPO issued by concerned CDA.

Individual membership shall be granted only to the offrs who are posted to establishments which do not have an offrs mess and offrs who are on study leave and att to units / establishment at Bangalore.

Army Officers who are serving with the out station units / establishments / formations, will be eligible for Out Station Membership on submitting a valid proof of residence in Bangalore besides other required documents. Outstation Members have to render their serving certificate every year in the month of Dec. Their Membership will be suspended if they do not submit the serving certificate before 15th Jan every year. Out station membership is not valid after retirement / release from service. Affected Army Officers desirous of continuing membership should apply for Associate Membership, as applicable to retired / released officers of Army.

Membership to MNS Ladies.
No membership will be granted to MNS Ladies.

Grant of RSAOI Membership to Offrs of Coast Guard.
Officers of Coast Guard will not be given RSAOI membership.

Temporary Membership may be granted by the Secretary to the following in the circumstances as defined, for a maximum period of two months :-

  • Serving Army officers and their families in transit, when they are interested in availing RSAOI facilities.
  • Serving Army officers and their families of outstation units / establishments visiting this station on temporary duty.
  • Serving Army officers visiting the station on leave being the home town. The duration of Temporary Membership in such case will be for the entire leave period (maximum two months). They are required to submit a photo copy of the leave certificate along with the application for Temporary Membership.
  • Retired Army officers visiting the station.
  • Retired Army officers, who applied for the Associate Membership. This membership will be for a maximum period of two months or for the duration till they are granted the Associate Membership, whichever is earlier.
  • Individuals granted Temporary Membership will not be entitled to credit facilities, but can avail of facilities by obtaining Prepaid Debit Cards. They will pay for special functions and follow the Rules & Bye-Laws as applicable. They are not entitled to bring any guests, unless prior approval of the Secretary is obtained. Guest charges will be deducted from the Prepaid Debit Cards as per the laid down rates.
  • Offrs posted in Bangalore but not Member of RSAOI will NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE RSAOI facilities as Temp Members by showing I Cards at the reception, if they have not applied for RSAOI membership. This will be effective wef 01 Nov 2021.

Temporary Membership to Affiliated / Reciprocal Clubs / Institutes.
RSAOI Bangalore is affiliated to all Army Officers Institutes in Southern Command Army Institutes who have entered into MoU with RSAOI as per intimation received from HQ Karnataka & Kerala Sub Area. DSOI Chandigarh and Army Officers Institute, Fort St William, Kolkata are on reciprocal basis. Officers who are members of the affiliated / reciprocal Institutes will not be charged membership subscription of RSAOI Bangalore, but will be accorded Temporary Membership status.
However, the following terms and conditions will be followed :-

  • The reciprocal arrangements will apply to Armed Forces Officers both serving and retired and their families (wife and children), who are bonafide members of the affiliated Institute / Club.
  • Reciprocal facilities will be provided only to members visiting Bangalore and not to members who have taken permanent residence in Bangalore.
  • Members seeking this facility should be in possession of their valid membership / smart card issued by the affiliated Institute / Club and show the same to the Secretary.
  • Visiting member should sign their entry with details in the membership form maintained for this purpose at the Reception.
  • Visiting members may avail the facility for a maximum of 15 days once in three months and not more than seven days at a time.
  • Entry charge at the rate of Rs 75/- per member will be charged for Reciprocal Members. However usage charges for guests to be levied @ 150/- per day per individual on Monday to Friday. Guest charges on Saturday & Sunday would be @ Rs 200/- per individual per day . Reciprocal members to be permitted to use all sports facilities on paying daily usage charges @ Rs 100/- per sport per day.
  • All visiting members will abide by the Rules & Bye-Laws of this Institute. Any breach of these provisions will debar the visiting member from further use of the facility of this Institute.
  • Not more than four guests per visit will be permitted. Guest charges as applicable will be levied.
  • Reciprocal members may avail the facility of sports/games on payment of charges as applicable.
  • Visiting member will pay for special functions and follow general rules.
  • Not to permit guests of reciprocal members to use the sports facilities.

The officers applying for membership are required to submit the following documents:-

  • Serving Officers
    • Application duly countersigned by the CO / Head of the Organization / Branch will be forwarded under a covering letter through respective Officers Mess.
    • One stamp size / pass port size photograph for preparation of Membership Card.
    • Copy of Posting Order / Movement Order / Address Proof.
    • Photo ID proof for dependents (copy of Aadhaar Card / Dependent ID Card issued by OC Unit).
    • Service identity card will be shown at the reception for obtaining Temporary Membership.
  • Retired Officers
    • Copy of Pension Pay Order / Release Order.
    • Proof of residence in Karnataka.
    • One stamp size / pass port size photograph.
    • Photo ID proof for dependents (copy of Aadhaar Card / Voter ID etc)
  • Officer’s Widow
    • Copy of Dependent Identity Card / ECHS Card.
    • Copy of Pension Pay Order.
    • Copy of Death Certificate of husband.
    • Proof of residential address.
    • One stamp size / passport size photograph.
  • CGOs.
    CGOs will submit a letter from the Head of the Department stating that the establishment is under Command of HQ K&K Sub Area along with the following :-

    • Application duly countersigned by CO / Head of the Organization routed through HQ K&K Sub Area (A).
    • One stamp size / pass port size photograph.
    • Movement Order /Transfer Order.
    • Certificate to the effect that he will relinquish his Membership on being posted out of Unit / Organisation within the jurisdiction of HQ K&K Sub Area or on retirement.
    • Certificate from the head of the organization to state that the applicant is Class I / Grade I Gazetted Offr and a member of an Offrs Mess.
    • Photo ID proof for dependents (copy of Aadhaar Card / Voter ID etc)

After verification of documents of applicants, all applications in respect of Army Officers (both Serving & Retired) will be approved by the Chairman and applications for membership of all others will be put up to Patron for consideration. All memberships granted will be ratified in the Executive Committee.

On approval of membership, the applicants will collect their membership cards from the Secretary RSAOI.

All facilities of the RSAOI to which a member is entitled will also be available to member’s spouse and dependent children as defined below :-

  • Sons, till they get employed or attain the age of 25 years, whichever is earlier.
  • Daughters above 25 years (Unmarried / Divorcees and Unemployed till they get married, employed / non professional and fully dependent on parents). Necessary documents / certificate will be provided by the parent.
  • Mentally / physically challenged children will be treated as dependent on the member irrespective of age and gender.
  • While associate membership will be given to the officer and his spouse, membership to the children of officer will not be automatic. The primary member has to present the dependent children for interview and give an annual cert of dependency.

Members / Dependents visiting RSAOI are obliged to carry their RSAOI membership card, which is subject to check at any time, by the staff of RSAOI / Executive Committee Members.

Membership Not a Right

  • Grant of membership of any type shall not vest any right except to enjoy the facilities and privileges extended to any member.
  • The membership card is non-transferable and as such will not be given to anyone else for impersonating as a member to utilize RSAOI facilities. Any such impersonation will lead to cancellation of membership, forfeiture of deposit apart from inviting disciplinary action as decided by the Executive Committee.
  • Any member in RSAOI shall hold the position of member at the pleasure of Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall have absolute powers to discontinue membership by giving one months notice without stating / assigning any reasons and withdraw all facilities or privileges.

The subscription required to be charged from the members will be reviewed by the Executive Committee on yearly basis. All members are required to pay membership deposits and monthly subscription as decided by the Executive Committee from time to time. All members are required to pay subscription annually in advance. Monthly subscription for Permanent Members will be charged at full rates for period exceeding 10 days even if no facility is availed. For the period up to 10 days, no subscription will be charged where facility has not been availed and full subscription charged if facility was availed even once within 10 days. All Officers posted in Centers / Units in Bangalore will take RSAOI membership compulsorily & Officer’s Mess to forward subscription collected annually in advance and respective Officers’ Mess be informed to update the list of serving officers posted in / out regularly. No separate subscription will be charged for Sports and Library facilities.
The existing rates of subscriptions / charges are given below :-

  • Serving Offrs (In Stn & Out Station) (Membership Card in Green Colour)
    • Refundable deposit – Rs 7,000/-
    • Monthly Subscription – Rs 700/- per month

    Note : Parent Mess / Unit will be responsible to collect all dues of monthly subscription and bills and will ensure that the members obtain clearance of RSAOI as and when posted out/released/retired from service.

  • CGOs
    (Membership Card in Green Colour)

    • Refundable Deposit – Rs 7,000/-
    • Non Refundable Deposit – Rs 5,000/-
    • Monthly Subscription – Rs 700/- per month (To be paid annually by 31 Jan)
  • Associate Membership (Retired Army, Navy & Air Force and Ladies)
    (Membership Card in Blue Colour)
  • Associate Member (<70 yrs)
    • Entry Fee – Rs 10,000/-
    • Refundable Deposit – Rs 20,000/-
    • Monthly Subscription – Rs 700/- per month (To be paid annually by 31 Jan)
  • Senior Associate Member (>70 yrs)
    • Entry Fee – Rs 10,000/-
    • Refundable Deposit – Rs 20,000/-
    • Monthly Subscription – Rs 450/- per month (To be paid annually by 31 Jan)
  • Lady Member
    • Entry Fee – Rs 7,000/-
    • Refundable Deposit – Rs 10,000/-
    • Monthly Subscription – Rs 450/- per month (To be paid annually by 31 Jan)
  • Ex – Patron / Chairman & Honorary Members
    • Ex Patron
      • Entry Fee / Deposit – Nil
      • Monthly Subscription – Rs 450/- per month (To be paid annually by 31 Jan)
    • Honorary Members.
      • Entry Fee / Deposit – Nil
      • Monthly Subscription – Nil
  • Gallantry Awardees (Chakra Series only).
    • Serving
      • Refundable deposit – Rs 7,000/-
      • Monthly Subscription – Rs 150/- Per Month
    • Retired / Lady Members.
      • Entry Fee – Rs 7,000/-
      • Refundable Deposit – Rs 10,000/-
      • Monthly Subscription – Rs Nil

Payment of Annual Subscription. Annual Subscription will be paid on or before 31 January every year in advance. Bill for Annual Subscription will be raised in Nov bill, last date of payment will be 31 Jan. Members should pay the Annual Subscription by due date, particularly members who happen to be out of station should clear the Annual Subscription before leaving the station. No reasons, whatsoever, will be accepted for non-payment of Annual Subscription. Members must renew their Annual Subscription at their own as per the above details. A penalty of Rs 500/- and Rs 1,000/- or as stipulated by Management Committee from time to time will be levied from members for late payment of subscription up to 28 Feb and 31 Mar respectively.” The rate of subscription amount is subject to be revised by the Mgt after getting it approved in the ECM meeting.

Bringing of guests to RSAOI is a privilege extended to members. Members may bring guests of officer’s status on payment of guest charges, as decided by the Executive Committee from time to time and as stated hereinafter. Members should not misuse their privilege of bringing civilian guest with an ulterior motive of business ventures/meetings.
The following guidelines will be strictly adhered to :-

  • On Normal Occasions
    • Not more than four guests are permitted at a time.
    • Prior permission from Secretary will be taken to bring more than four guests.
    • No guest is to be introduced in the RSAOI for more than four times in a month.
    • A guest will not be permitted more than four times either by one member or through more than one member.
  • On Special Occasions
    • The restriction on the number of guests and guest fees will be notified from time to time for special occasions.
  • Guests for Availing Sports / Other Facilities.
    • A member may bring a guest for a maximum of four days in a month for availing sports facilities such as swimming, tennis, squash, billiards, cards, gymnasium etc. Availing more than two facilities at a time by a guest is not permissible. The guests are restricted to the following as under :-
      • Parents
      • Married / Employed Sons
      • Married / Employed Daughters
      • Son-in-law
      • Daughter-in-law
      • Grand Children

Only Serving, Associate and Reciprocal Members are permitted to bring guests to the RSAOI.

Temporary members will not be permitted to entertain guests. However in exceptional cases they may be permitted to bring guests with the approval of the Secretary. However, the officers’ dependent family members may be entertained.

Dependent Children of members are not permitted to entertain guests in the RSAOI. However, a member’s spouse may bring guests as per restriction under RSAOI Rules.

Members are requested to register their guests at the reception counter before entry into the RSAOI. Failure to do so would attract six times the charges as penalty.

Members are also forbidden to introduce as a guest any person with a poor reputation. The guest should be of the status and dignity as that of a member of an Officers Mess.

The members will not exceed their wine limit even if they are entertaining their bonafide guests.

The concerned member will ensure that guests observe the dress / discipline / regulations of RSAOI in letter and spirit.

Right to admission in RSAOI is reserved. The Executive Committee may deny admission to any guest without assigning any reason thereof.

Children below 08 years are not charged any guest charges except on major functions for which charges will be as decided by the Executive Committee.

Bringing of Foreigners as Guests in RSAOI.
Approval of bringing Foreign Guests to RSAOI is required to be processed through Command Channels by GS Br, HQ K&K Sub Area to HQ Southern Command / HQ of MoD (Army) which required 40-50 days. In view of that, Members are requested to submit the application to GS Br, HQ K&K Sub Area to hosting of Foreign Nationals 45 days prior to the event for which sanction is required, failing which the application will be rejected.

All members must enter the particulars in the Guest Book provided at the reception. This must be done at the time of entering, prior to availing any facility of the Institute. Failure to do so would attract six times the charges as penalty. Guest charges payable by the members are Rs 50/- per guest (non dependent children & parents on showing proof of relationship) all days and for other guests Rs 100/- per guest on Mon to Thu and Rs 200/- per guest on Saturday and Sunday. Guest may play Tombola after paying above said guest charges. These rates are subject to revision.

A member is required to give prior notice in writing to the Secretary indicating the date of resignation. He must clear all dues of the Institute before resignation and surrender the membership cards.

In all cases of unbecoming conduct, violation of rules, nonpayment of dues and allied lapses on the part of any member, the Chairman / Executive Committee, without assigning any reason, shall have absolute power to suspend/terminate his / her RSAOI Membership. Serving of Show Cause Notice is not mandatory since the Defence Services Regulation governs the membership. Should a member decide to take up his grievance to any Court of Law, he will be doing so at his own risk.

The Membership of the Institute shall stand terminated on account of any of the following reasons:-

  • Voluntary resignation through a letter addressed to the Chairman.
  • Members being adjudicated insolvent.
  • On being dismissed from the Armed Forces or the fact of dismissal not being disclosed while applying for Membership.
  • On being found guilty of an offence involving moral turpitude, misconduct and violation of Rules / Bye-laws and for a un-officer like conduct.
  • Members found guilty of willful refusal or neglect to comply with the rules of the RSAOI or misconduct prejudicial to the other members of the RSAOI.
  • At the discretion of the Chairman / Executive Committee without assigning any reason.
  • For behavior which is blameworthy / unbecoming of his position and status as a serving or retired officer.
  • On a complaint against a member of any nature, this offends the accepted rules of social behavior from moral / ethical point of view.
  • Any act done by a member, which is prejudicial to good order and military discipline
  • Disgraceful conduct by a member or his dependent, which is cruel, indecent or of unnatural kind, including drunkenness and ill treatment of staff of RSAOI.
  • Using harsh, abusive or violent language to other members and staff.
  • Members acting in such reckless manner which tantamount to fraud. It is to include the act as well as an attempt at such an act. Some of these are mentioned below:-
    • Failure to pay the RSAOI bill despite reminders / notices.
    • Signing / utilizing facilities in the name of other members.
    • Bringing a guest without signing the guest register.
    • Selling liquor.
    • Giving wrong information in the application form for RSAOI Membership.

The decision of the Chairman on the recommendation of the Executive Committee in all such cases shall be final.

Entry of Officers in RSAOI whose Membership is Terminated / Not Approved. Officers whose membership has been terminated due to reasons other than own request and officers whose membership is not approved by the Executive Committee, and the dependents of both these category of officers are not permitted to be brought as guests. Dependents, whose dependent membership has been terminated on disciplinary grounds, are also not permitted to be brought as guests.

  • The Chairman may consider re-admission of a member, whose membership stands terminated for any reason other than non-payment of RSAOI bill, after a minimum lapse of one year on specific recommendation of the Executive Committee.
  • Individuals ceasing to be members for nonpayment of RSAOI bills shall be considered for re-admission as members, provided sums due for the whole year along with penalty of Rs 4,000/- from them to the Institute have been fully paid.
  • The individual shall be eligible for re-admission as a New Member on fresh application after payment of subscription fee prescribed in this regard.
  • The Executive Committee shall consider all aspects with regards to reasons for earlier termination of membership before recommending re-admission.