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May 31, 2024


Dear Members,

1. LIQUOR SERVE / DRY DAY NOTICE – Orders of the Management, received from the Govt of Karnataka.

(a) 1 JUNE (SAT) 4 PM to 3 JUNE (MON) 4 PM – Member of Legislative Council Elections. No Liquor will be served at Bars.

(b) 03 JUNE (MON) 4PM – Evening Liquor will be served at Bars.

(c) 4 JUNE (TUE) EARLY MORNING UP TO MIDNIGHT – Counting day of the Lok Sabha elections. No Liquor will be served at Bars.

(d) 05 JUNE (WED) – Full day as per bar timing Liquor will be served at Bars.

(e) 06 JUNE (THU) EARLY MORNING UP TO MIDNIGHT– Counting day of the Member of Legislative Council Elections. No Liquor will be served at Bars.

Note :- Members who have booked parties on these days are requested to kindly contact F & B Manager.

2. WELLNESS STUDIO – RSAOI is pleased to inform that the Institute has opened a Wellness Studio (refer GOC Interaction with Members dated 16 Sep 2023). Details as follows: –

(a) Discipline

(i) Yoga/Power Yoga.
(ii) Meditation.
(iii) Zumba.
(iv) Aerobics.

(b) Day & Timings:

(i) Monday to Friday – 5 PM to 6 PM.
(ii) Saturday – 4 PM to 5 PM.
(iii) Sunday & Tuesday – Holiday

(c) Charges – Rs 3,000/- per month Non-refundable.

3. DANCE CLASSES AT WELLNESS STUDIO – Dance Instructor has been hired, who will take class 3 days in a week. Details of Dance classes are as under: –

(a) Type of Dance: –

(i) Jiving.
(ii) Salsa.
(iii) Bollywood.

(b) Day & Timings: Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 5.30 PM to 6.30 PM.

(c) Charges – Rs 3,000/- per month Non-refundable.

4. MUSIC CLASSES AT WELLNESS STUDIO: – Details as follows: –

(a) Type of Instrument: –

(i) Guitar
(ii) Keyboard

(b) Day & Timings – Monday & Thursday from 5.30PM to 6.30PM.

(c) Charges

(i) Guitar – Rs 3,000/- per month non-refundable.
(ii) Key Board – Rs 3200/- per month non-refundable.

(d) Note: Kindly get your own instrument, since students need to practice at home as per the homework given.

5. All formats will start from 03 Jun 24. Kindly register your names with Sub Tapan Das (Retd) Mob No 63050 53081and send email

6. Inauguration for Dance and Music class will be held on 03 Jun 2024 at 5PM hrs at Wellness Studio, all Members are requested to attend.

7. IMPORTANT FEED BACK: Incase members want change of timings please give your preference. Majority will be taken into consideration. Kindly make your payment in advance, for those who have registered their names.

8. ALL INDIA INTERCLUB BRIDGE TOURNAMENT :- RSAOI won all India Inter Club Bridge Tournament conducted by Bangalore Club on 25 & 26 May 2024. RSAOI Team Brig LS Reddy, Col Chopra, Cdr Shivalingaiah, and Cdr MM Singh annexed the event against clubs from Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, Kottayam, Hyderabad and most of Bangalore Clubs… *****WELL DONE TEAM****.

Col Mario DMonty (Retd)
RSAOI, Bangalore
Mob – 9449184200