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July 4, 2024


Dear Members,

1. DECISION :- Decision taken by Maj Gen Ravi Murugan, PVSM, AVSM GOC K and K Sub Area and Patron RSAOI on the points given by Members during ECM and Member Interaction on 24 Jun 2024 are as follows:-

(a) No taxis / Autos will be permitted to park inside the RSAOI complex. The Security Guards at the gate have been mandated to stop all taxis / Autos to enter or park inside RSAOI.

(b) No parking of private vehs and leaving the RSAOI premises.

(c) No private screening of movies for course get together / reception / Birthday parties.

(d) Timing of facilities will not be changed.

(e) Timing as laid out by State Govt for DJ Nights / Marriage functions etc will be adhered to.

(f) No tipping to waiter directly. Kindly put your tip in the tip box placed at the restaurant.

(g) Plucking of flowers or damaging property of RSAOI could impose a fine upto Rs 5000 or more.

(h) Any decoration being put in the Cariappa / any other Hall will be discussed with Secy / Gen Supvr / Estate Mgr. The Halls will be returned by the host in the same condition it was handed over. No live stalls within the Halls / Lounges.

(j) Payment of Subscription on time to avoid penalty / termination of Membership.

(k) Dress regulations as given to be in adhered to in letter and spirit.

(l) Tambola to be held once a month on Saturday and Sunday (Subject to availability of Cariappa Hall).

2. NORMAL TAMBOLA – Normal Tambola on 05 Jul (Fri) from 7:00 PM onwards at MPH.

Note – Tambola for Members will be held on one Saturday and one Sunday in a month. Provided the Cariappa Hall is not booked for functions otherwise every Friday once a week.

3. ENGLISH MOVIEBONEYARD (Thriller, Releasing on 04 Jul 2024)

(a) STARRING – Mel Gibson, Nora Zehetner, Gabrielle Haugh

(b) DATE & TIME – 04 Jul (Thu) – 6:30 PM.


(a) DATE & TIME –

(i) 06 Jul (Sat) – 6:30 PM – JEWEL THIEF (1967).
(ii) 07 Jul (Sun) – 3:00 PM – HUM DONO (1961).
(ii) 07 Jul (Sun) – 6:30 PM – PAYING GUEST (1957).


(i) To Reserve Call 7899134659 or 9900232500.
(ii) Vacant Seats will be on First Come First Serve Basis.

5. ODOMOS AND UMBRELLA :- Members are requested to carry their own Odomos and Umbrella while visiting RSAOI for functions and restaurants, because of Dengue / Malaria/Monsoon season.

6. WELLNESS STUDIO – RSAOI is pleased to inform that the Institute has opened a Wellness Studio (refer GOC Interaction with Members dated 16 Sep 2023). Details as follows: –

(a) Discipline

(i) Yoga/Power Yoga.
(ii) Meditation.
(iii) Zumba.
(iv) Aerobics.

(b) Day & Timings:

(i) Monday to Friday – 5 PM to 6 PM.
(ii) Saturday – 4 PM to 5 PM.
(iii) Sunday & Tuesday – Holiday

(c) Charges – Rs 3,000/- per month Non-refundable.

7. DANCE CLASSES AT WELLNESS STUDIO – Dance Instructor has been hired, who will take class 3 days in a week. Details of Dance classes are as under: –

(a) Type of Dance: –

(i) Jiving,
(ii) Salsa
(iii) Bollywood

(b) Day & Timings: Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 6 PM to 7 PM.

(c) Charges – Rs 3,000/- per month Non-refundable.

8. MUSIC CLASSES AT WELLNESS STUDIO: – Details as follows: –

(a) Type of Instrument, Day and Timings : –

(i) Guitar – Monday & Thursday – From 5.30 PM to 6.30 PM .
(ii) Keyboard – Monday & Thursday – From 5.00 PM to 6.00 PM.

(b) Charges –

(i) Guitar – Rs 3,000/- per month non-refundable.
(ii) Key Board – Rs 3200/- per month non-refundable.

(c) Note: Kindly get your own instrument, since students need to practice at home as per the homework given.

9. All formats have started wef 03 Jun 24. Kindly register your names with Sub Tapan Das (Retd) Mob No 63050 53081and send email


(a) 05 July (Fri) – 1900 Hrs – Normal Tambola at Cariappa Hall
(b) 07 July (Sun) – 1200 Hrs – Brunch
(c) 13 July (sat) – 1900 Hrs – Bumper Tambola AT Cariappa Hall
(d) 14 July (Sun) – 1200 Hrs – Brunch
(e) 18 July (Thu) – 1800 Hrs – Book Club Meet
(f) 19 July (Fri) – 1900 Hrs – Normal Tambola at Cariappa Hall
(g) 21 July (Sun) – 1200 Hrs – Brunch
(h) 27 July (Sat) – 1930 Hrs – DJ Night
(j) 28 July (Sun) – 1130 Hrs – Week End Super Bumper Tambola at Cariappa Hall & Brunch
Note : Venue of program may be changed depending on the weather & booking of Cariappa Hall.

11. NOTICE – RSAOI is in need of Min 3 professional gardeners full time / part time. Pay as per Min wages act of the state Govt, accommodation free, food on Min payment, i.e Rs 10-12 per Meal. ESI/Gratuity benefits also. Besides the above yearly bonus and incentive as applicable. Kindly contact Mr Srinivas Estate Manager at 7406677087. Members can recommend names and contact details of professional gardeners to avail the vacancies.

12. WEEKEND SPECIAL: – 05 July (Fri), 06 July (Sat) and 07 July (Sun)

Veg Cheese Samosa
Broccoli Mushroom
Veg Spring Roll
Veg Gold Coin

Kalmi Kebab
Broccoli Chicken
Chicken Spring Roll
Amritsari Fish

Veg Sizzler
Chicken Sizzler

Schezwan Veg Footlong
Paneer & Corn Footlong
Schezwan Chicken Footlong

Veg Pasta (Penne / Spaghetti)
Chicken Pasta (Penne / Spaghetti)

Veg Pizza
Non-Veg Pizza

Note –

(a) All the above items are subject to availability.
(b) No adv booking of tables. First come first basis.
(c) Members getting more than 10 guests on Friday/Sat/Sun to book Lounge / Joining of tables only in South Parade.
(d) Gate no.4 is available for parking on Weekends.

Col Mario DMonty (Retd)
RSAOI, Bangalore
Mob – 9449184200