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April 10, 2024


Dear Members,

1. The BBMP and SHO Bangalore Mil Stn has forwarded Health, Food and Water advisory to be implemented due to the sudden breakout of Cholera disease in Bangalore owing to the heat wave.

2. RSAOI will have a limited Menu of only fast-moving food items. The Menu will be displayed on the Notice Board. The following will be implemented with imdt effect:-

(a) Only Mineral Water will be served to Members.
(b) No Salads will be part of the Menu.
(c) No fish items will be served.
(d) No Fresh juices.
(e) No Paneer Items.
(f) Members are requested to order only food items that are served hot.

3. Members are requested not to organise any get together or bring civilian guests till the time the heat wave persists.

4. Members having wedding reception or any other function wherein Civil Caterers have been booked to ensure that the food served is fresh, Cooks and waiters are properly groomed.

5. It is requested that Members having gastric aliments to refrain from dining in restaurants.

6. Regarding use of Sports facilities, Members are requested to refrain from doing strenuous exercises, which may lead to dehydration and exhaustion due to the heat wave. The temp of swimming pool has been reduced between 21 to 23°C.

Col Mario DMonty (Retd)
RSAOI, Bangalore
Mob – 9449184200