Access Control

RSAOI plans to introduce tighter access control especially in the Club House area, through a ‘Card check in’ system. This means that every time you enter RSAOI, you will have to get your card swiped at the Reception/Front Desk. When you do so, the front desk clerk will be able to cross check from your photograph that will appear on his monitor that the card is with an entitled user. This will ensure sanctity of the club-house and F&B area. Apart from this, entry for members’ cars will be controlled by ‘boom barriers’ being positioned inside Gate 1 (Kamaraj Road), Gate 2 (MG Road), and Gate 3 (Cubbon Road). Parking area in RSAOI will be divided into Members Parking and Non Members Parking areas. To enter the members’ parking areas with your car, members must swipe their membership cards near the boom barrier and it will open for few seconds. The barrier will close immediately behind the members’ car after it enters. This will ensure that members get reserved parking slots in RSAOI. Access control will ensure that members do not experience shortage of seating or parking space. If you face difficulties, please contact the front desk..


  • Rajendra Sinhji Army Officers Institute
  • 50, M.G. Road
  • Opp Cauvery Emporium
  • Bangalore - 560001


  • Mob - 9900232500
  • Landline - 08025592838
  • Landline 1 - 08025320557