AGM and ECM decisions are as follows :-


(i)             AGM 18 Jun 2009 :  To meet the cost of maintenance of establishment Rs 100 is charged to all Members who do not avail the facilities. In case of partial utilization under Rs 100/- the balance amount will be charged as cover charge.  However, coverage charges for the actual hospitalization period of a Member is to be waived off. Further, Members who are away from the Country for more than six months period is to be waived off. Such Member has to pay the coverage regularly and claim refund duly supported with travel proof. Thus the coverage charges was ratified in AGM 18 Jun 2009.


(ii)      ECM 03 Oct 2018 :  Based on point raised by some Members travelling abroad and those above 80 yrs the issue of cover charge was discussed in ECM 03 Oct 2018. After deliberation the ECM reduced the mandatory min six months period to three months for waiving of cover charges.



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