1.         RSAOI members, their dependents below the age of 25 yrs, and guests (subject to certain restrictions) may use the Swimming Pool after payment of stipulated subscription.  Any person who has not paid for the month on due date will not be permitted to use Swimming Pool facility.



2.         Membership is open to all RSAOI members.  Membership fee for the month will be through Card/Cash at the billing counters.  If the bill remains unpaid it would invalidate the Swimming membership and the member or dependent would lose the right to enter the swimming pool.



3.        The Subscription fee subject to periodic revision is as follows:-


(a)       Members, their spouse and dependent children   -         Rs 200/- per month


(b)       Guests accompanied by the host member            -         Rs 45/- per session 

Personal Safety


4.         RSAOI does not have a Life Guard to ensure safety of those using the Swimming facility.  Therefore, members, their dependents and guests must ensure personal safety of their own and of the persons accompanying them.  RSAOI Management is not responsible for any injury, drowning, disability or death caused at the Swimming facility.  Persons suffering from any infectious disease must not use the pool.


5.         A limited number of lockers have been provided in the changing rooms for the members.  It is the responsibility of the Swimmer to look after his or her personal effects.  The lockers are not to be used for leaving behind ones personal effects.  RSAOI staff is only a supervisory staff and is not responsible for looking after the swimmers’ property in the facility.


6.         Children below 10 years and physically challenged swimmers must be accompanied by the parent member.



7.         Four guests can be entertained at a time, and the number of guests should not exceed eight in a month. The same guests should not be entertained more than four times in a month.


8.         Guest charges are stipulated in Para 3 (b) above.



9.         The swimming pool timings are as follows :-


(a)          Monday to Saturday


Morning         -          (i)         0600 hr - 1200 hr     open to all

                     Evening         -          (ii)        1600 hr - 2000 hr     open to all

                                                       (iii)       1800 hr - 2000 hr     open to all except children


(b)      Sunday


Morning         -           (i)         0600 hr - 1200 hr     open to all

                                  (ii)        1600 hr - 2000 hr     open to all    


            (c)     Swimming Coaching Class  -        1500 hr - 1600 hr

            (d)     Tuesday weekly off.           


Note.    Swimming facility will remain closed on Tuesdays/holidays and from 01 Dec to end January for periodic and long term maintenance, if necessary.  On occasions when pool side is booked for private parties pool will be closed for members or the timings adjusted.



10.       Swimmers are to be properly attired in standard swimming gear.  Sikh gentlemen, ladies and long haired swimmers must wear caps.

Medical Fitness


11.       Before using facilities of the club, members are responsible to ensure their own medical fitness and that of their dependents.


Pets Ayahs & Sahayaks


12.       Pets, ayahs & sahayaks are not allowed inside the Swimming Pool Complex.





1.         The RSAOI maintains three tennis courts for its members.  The conduct and maintenance of this facility shall be broadly governed by the contents of the following paragraphs:-


(a)       Presently three courts are available and designated ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ Courts.  ‘A’ and ‘B’ Courts are adjacent to the Squash Court.  Both these courts are primarily meant for the use of RSAOI members and spouse holding tennis membership cards while Court ‘C’ is between Mandovi and Cauvery blocks used mainly for coaching.


(b)       Dependent children of RSAOI members below the age of 25 years (unmarried and unemployed) are permitted to use these courts as and when these are not in use by the members.  RSAOI members and spouse users will have priority over the dependent children and guests on both courts, except during the Dependent Hour (See Para 12 below).


(c)        Doubles will have priority over Singles, so that members do not have to wait for their turn on the courts for long.


(d)       Access to the tennis facility is limited to members, spouses and their dependents possessing a valid tennis membership card.  Guests introduced by members (see below) are to be accompanied by the host.


2.         Instructions for use of Synthetic Court by Members          


(a)          No Leather Shoes or Sandals are allowed on court.

(b)          Sneakers with White shoes only are allowed on court.

(c)          Please keep the court clean.

(d)          Do not use chairs & tables on court.

(e)          Do not drag any objects on the floor.

(f)           No eatable allowed in the playing area.

(g)          No paan, beetle, tobacco etc., allowed.

(h)          No chewing gum allowed.

(j)      Open the can of balls before entering the court.




3.         Tennis Membership is open to all members of the RSAOI, their spouse and their dependent children under 25 Yrs of age (unmarried & unemployed).


4.         The membership card entitles the members/dependents to use the facility only within the playing hours (see timings) and this must be in their possession when entering the courts.  Player - members are to sign the register kept at the courts before using the facility.  Dependent members will do likewise.


5.         Monthly tennis fee (see below) and guest charges will be included in the member’s monthly bill.  If the bills remain unpaid the entry to the tennis courts will be denied to him/her/dependent.



6.         Tennis members may invite guests to the facility.  Four guests can be entertained at a time, and the number of guests should not exceed eight in a month. The same guests should not be entertained more than four times in a month.


7.         The guest slip must be signed by the host member before she or he enters the court.


8.         Dependents are not allowed to bring guests.



9.         Members using the facility are required to bring their own tennis ball.  Ball pool may be resorted to under the supervision of OIC Tennis.  Tennis NCO/Supervisor may be used for procuring and issuing tennis balls.



10.       Members, dependents, guests using the facility are to adhere to the following dress code:-


(a)       Gents.     T-Shirt, shorts or plain trousers or track pants.  Players must use only tennis shoes.  Non-marking shoes are to be worn for synthetic court.  Shoes with spikes etc which may damage the courts are not permitted.


(b)       Ladies.     Salwar kameez, plain trousers, track pants or skirt with sports shirt/shirt.    



11.       Tennis courts timings will be as under:-


(a)       Members        -   1600 hr to 2000 hr (Mon, Thu, Sat & Sun) - Court ‘A’ & ‘B’

                                                 1830 hr to 2000 hr (Wed & Fri) - only Court ‘A’


            (b)       Dependents  -   1500 hr to 1600 hr (Daily)


(c)        Coaching      -    1830 hr to 2030 hr (Wed & Fri) - Court ‘B’ & ‘C’

                                                  0830 hr to 1130 hr (Sun) - all Courts


12. Only one court is available for dependents between 1430 hr to 1530 hr from Wednesday to Monday.  This is the Dependents Hour.


13.       There will be no play on Tuesdays and National holidays.



14.       The following subscription will be payable by the users of the tennis facility (these are subject to revision) :-


(a)       Members (both Serving & Retd)    -           Rs 200/- per month


(b)       Charges on availing facilities         -           Rs 50/- per day RSAOI Subs

            on daily basis                                            Rs 50/- for Ball


          (c)        Offrs on TD, Leave etc                  -           Rs 50/- per session +RSAOI Subs


          (d)       Dependents                                    -           Rs 200/- per month


          (e)       Guests                                            -           Rs 50/- + Rs 50/- per session

                                                                                         (Ball + RSAOI Subs)




15.       The tennis facility will be maintained, upgraded and sustained by the RSAOI Management.  The ball boys will also be provided.  In this the cooperation of the players is very important; because wrong footwear and unnecessary foot/heel dragging can  damage the courts.



16.       One of the tennis members will be nominated as the OIC Tennis.  He will coordinate the facility and will be guided by the Sports Member of the Sports Sub Committee.


17.       Tennis is a Gentleman’s game. All players must keep up that tradition by ensuring decorum and bonhomie.


18.       Small matters must be settled by members among themselves.


19.       A suggestion book has been kept at the courts.  Members are welcome to make any suggestion and mark it to OIC Tennis/Sports Member or Secretary RSAOI.





1.         Presently, there is one squash court available for members, dependents and guests. 



2.         The timings for squash court will be as follows :-

Wed to Sat & Mon



(a)       Members        -           0630 hr to 0830 hr

           (b)       Children          -          0830 hr to 1030 hr



            (a)       Children        -           1530 hr to 1630 hr

            (b)       Members      -           1630 hr to 2000 hr



            (a)       Members        -          0600 hr to 0900 hr

            (b)       Children         -           0900 hr to 1100 hr

                        (Closed in the Evening)

Note.  Squash court will remain closed on Tuesday.



3.         Members are allowed to bring guests by paying a guests charge of Rs 30/- for half hour.  Members are expected to enter the particulars of guest in the register maintained by the marker.  Four guests can be entertained at a time, and the number of guests should not exceed eight in a month. The same guests should not be entertained more than twice in a month. Members will take precedence for play over dependents/guests.




4.         Players will wear shorts/trousers, sports shirts and non marking shoes only.  Wearing of footwear with leather/spiked sole is strictly forbidden.  Players will bring their own squash balls and rackets.

Squash Marker


5.         The squash marker will be present in the premises of the court and will maintain the record of members, dependents and guests availing the facility.  The above record will be put up to Secretary every day.  Funds collected from the guests will be deposited with the cashier the following day.



6.         Squash subscription will be billed in the respective month as under:-


(a)       Members/Dependents                                    -           Rs 100/- per month/per head


(b)       Charges on availing facilities on daily basis   -           Rs 15/- per day


           (c)       Guest                                                              -           Rs 30/- per half hour

Note :    

-    Only non marking shoes are permitted inside the court.

           -    No smoking in the court.

-    No eatables/soft drinks/liquor are allowed inside the court.

           -    To maintain silence.


Rules for Booking of the Court


7.         (a)       A Register is kept with the Marker of the Squash Court.


(b)       Kindly book your timing a day or two only in advance.


(c)        On booking the court, members are expected to be present at least10 minutes prior to the booked.  If they are late, then whosoever is waiting has the right to play during that period.


(d)       Booking slot is only for ½ hour.


(e)       A player may extend his play time only if the following player does not have a partner.


(f)        A player who has booked the court earlier has the priority to play.



(g)       Only members have the privilege of booking the court.


(h)       Dependents will play on first come first serve basis and the play time is ½ hour only.


(j)         Dependents are not permitted to bring guests.


(k)        In the event a player playing without booking the court and plays  in between a slot time, he  will have to be vacate the court  for those players who have booked the court for a particular slot.  The priority is always for members who have booked the court.


(l)         The OIC Squash Sub Committee will have the right to determine whether an individual’s standard is acceptable for playing in the new court in order to avoid damages likely to be done by novices, as only one court is available at present.





1.         RSAOI has a Health Club strictly for members and their dependent children below 25 yrs of age, which has the following facilities:-


(a)          Cardio            -           Gadgets for various exercises.


(b)          Strength         -           Vibrators, cycles and weights.




2.         Guests may be allowed in Health Club.  Four guests can be entertained at a time, and the number of guests should not exceed eight in a month. The same guests should not be entertained more than four times in a month. Members’ children above 25 yrs may use the facilities as guests.




3.         The timings are as follows:-


(a)      Morning           -           0600 hr - 1000 hr

(b)      Evening           -           1700 hr - 2100 hr

(c)      Sunday            -           0700 hr - 1100 hr  (closed in the evening)

Note.  Tuesday/holidays - closed.

Medical Fitness


4.         Before using facilities of the club, members are responsible to ensure their own medical fitness and that of their dependents.



5.         The Health Club has very limited space and is subscribed to by a number ladies and gents of varying age groups.  Talking loudly and use of mobile phones in the Gym hall is not permitted. It is essential that members maintain dignified behaviour and etiquette to ensure a congenial/decent atmosphere in the Health Club.  Members should bring their own towels and napkins.


(a)          Adhere to Gym timings.

(b)          Make sure you change into Gym shoes when you enter the Gym.

(c)          Only Gym shoes are permitted on exercise floor and Cardio Machine.

(d)          Dress properly as per RSAOI Gym rule.

(e)          Adhere to timings written on the eqpt, as others are waiting.

(f)           Place the weights back on the rack after use.

(g)          Wipe the eqpt after use, carry a hand towel.

(h)          Keep your belongings in the locker.

(j)         Put away your shoes inside the shoe benches.

(k)        Do not use cell inside the Gym.  Keep your cell in silent mode.

(l)         Do not change the TV channel at your own.

(m)      Enter the Steam Room only in Turkish towel.

(n)       Children below 16 yrs of age are strictly not permitted.




6.         (a)       Gents             -           Track suit/Sports Shirt/Trousers & Sports shoes

            (b)       Ladies           -           Track suit/Salwar Kurta & Sports shoes

            Note :-   No sleeveless T-Shirts, Singlet or Vest are allowed.




7.         (a)       Do not over exercise to get early results.

(b)       Dependents below 5 years of age must avoid the Health Club.  Persons with extreme obesity, high blood pressure or heart trouble are advised not to use the Health Club.

Use of Gadgets


8.         Avoid using gadgets excessively if others are waiting to use the same.  Ensure that the sweat grime is cleaned after using the equipment.  Members and dependents are advised to use the eqpt carefully.  In case of damage, the cost of the eqpt will be Bourne by the use concerned.



9.         The following subscription will be charged:-

            (a)       Members/dependents                     -           Rs 300/- pm/head

 (b)       Guests                                             -           Rs 50/- per visit





1.         The RSAOI has a vintage billiards table, which is very old, and  made of very good quality seasoned wood.  To preserve this antique piece, following rules have been made to exercise adequate care by players to prevent damage to the billiards table by improper use.  When the Karnataka State Billiards Association was in its infant stage the first international billiards tournament in Bangalore was played on this table.

Facilities available


2.         Facilities for Billiards and Snooker are available.  Cues and other requisites are provided by RSAOI.



3.        (a)       Members & Ladies (properly attired) are permitted to play.


(b)       Dependents between 16 to 25 yrs of age  are not permitted due to limited facility.            


(c)        Temp Members                                                                                                                    


(d)       Beginners                                         Permitted after paying guest charges & if members are not waiting. Guests must    be accompanied by

the host.  Host will  Sign for the guests.

(e)       Dependents under 16 yrs               


(f)        Guests                                              


(g)       Members of affiliated Institutes are permitted to play if regular members are not waiting.  They will pay by coupons and mention the same in the register/chit.


(h)       All players will be screened by the Marker and OIC Billiards for their ability to play.  If they are found to be beginners and likely to cause damage to the table, they will be barred from playing.


4.         Table Charges and Mode of Payment.   Billiards table charges and mode of payment are as under :-


(a)       Guests of Members/Dependents                          -          Rs 50/- per session

                      (between 16 & 25 yrs) playing with marker


(b)       Charges on availing facilities on daily basis         -           Rs 100/- per day

                      for both sessions


(c)       Guest 30 mins of  play                                         -           Rs 30/- per head


(d)       Guest 60 mins of  play                                         -            Rs 60/- per head


(e)       Experts in the field of Billiards/Snooker may be invited to demonstrate their skills for the benefit of members, by the Secretary.  Such experts will not be charged guest charges but will be entertained by interested members themselves.


(f)        Members - Regular Players                                 -           Rs 200/- per month



5.         Players will sign credit towards the payment of Billiards charges.  No cash transaction is permitted.  Members who have brought the guest will sign for their guest in credit chit for payment.  The guest particulars will also be entered in the Billiards Register held by the marker and the main RSAOI Rxn (Guest fee for entry also be charged for RSAOI along with guest fee for game).

Reservation Board


6.         (a)       A reservation board will be kept in the Billiards Room.  Players will enter their particulars on arrival in serial order, which will determine the sequence of play.  When a player completes his first game he may enter his name for the second game; if he so desires, in the same order of seniority as per the first game, but his turn will come only after all those whose names appear for their first game, complete their game.  Same sequence will follow for subsequent games as well.


(b)       A player will have to be present when his turn comes.  If he is not present when the previous game comes to an end, he will forfeit his turn and next person in the sequence will play and absentee player will then be eligible to play only the next game.


(c)        Any player who is present, but surrenders his turn to play will move to the bottom of the list.


(d)       Players shall get ready to play the moment the previous game is over.  Marker will enter the time of end of the previous game as time of starting new game.  Any delay by the players in starting the game, will not be compensated by giving extra time.


(e)       Marker will announce the time available to the players 05 minutes before end of the game.  The players will stop the game when their time is over.  No additional time will be given to complete the breaks or the second player to play after the first player.  Moment the time is up, the marker will declare time up to & position the balls for the next game.



7.        (a)       Smoking is not permitted inside Billiards/Snooker Room.

(b)       Silence should be maintained while the play is in progress.  Loud talking should be avoided.

(c)       Snacks/drinks are not allowed to be kept on the billiards table.

(d)       Lying on the table is forbidden.


8.         Dependent members i.e. officers’ children between 16 to 25 years of age are required to get the billiards membership card prepared by paying membership charges before utilizing the facility.


9.         Dependent members are required to produce their membership card when requested by the Marker or by the RSAOI staff.


10.       Members will take priority over dependents/guests for play.



11.       Players have to exercise abundant caution not to cause any damage to the table.  Entire cloth will have to be replaced in case of any damage and the members will be deprived of play for several weeks.  Following charges will be levied on the player causing damages to the equipment :-


(a)     Tearing/damaging of the cloth         -  The tear/damage  will be  assessed  by  the Secretary  and  a  penalty  will  be levied based on                                                                      his assessment.


(b)     If a cue breaks or cracks while playing due to careless handling, it will be replaced by the player.


12.       Tips, chalks and powder will be provided by the RSAOI.

Markers Authority


13.       The Marker is authorized to:-


            (a)       Debar a beginner from playing.

            (b)       Report any infringement of the rules to the Secretary.

            (c)       Ensure that members sign correctly for the game they play.

 (d)       Play with a member who has no partner.

 (e)       Collect the monthly subscription fee from all members and maintain a record thereof.


14.       Timings


            (a)       All days except Tuesday     -           1030 hr - 1130hr    -    For dependents


                                                                                1130 hr - 1430 hr   -   Members only

                                                                                1830 hr - 2200 hr  


                (b)       During tournaments, participants may practice from 1430 hr to 1530 hr and 1730 hr to 1830 hr, after duly notifying the marker.

            (c)       The facility will be closed on Tuesday/holidays.






Member Incharge for Conduct of Tombola


1.         The nominated member-in-charge for the conduct of tombola will be responsible for seeking assistance from the Secretary RSAOI for provision of printed tombola cash register/cards/pads/pencils/set of tombola coins.  A standby set/rotating drum for the coins/tombola board/counter for sale of cards and other allied requirements will also be catered for.  He will conduct the game as per these bye-laws.


Frequency and Number of Tombola Games


2.         Tombola will normally be conducted on all Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  Five games will be scheduled every time.  Tombola may be conducted on other days, as decided by the Management.




3.         Tombola will commence at 1900 hr on Wednesday/and or Saturday. On Sunday,  tombola will commence at 1100hr.


Sale of Cards


4.         Tombola Cards.  The cost of Tombola tickets will be fixed by the Mgmt from time to time.



                (a)       Set of three cards               -           Rs 10/-  (on all days)


            (b)       Full sheet of six cards         -           Rs 20/-  (on all days)

5.         Sale of cards for the first games will commence 10 minutes before the time.  Sale of cards for the games are as follows:-


(a)       First sale for first and second games.  First game will commence provided minimum collection is Rs 500/- and/a minimum of 30 players.


(b)          Second sale for third and fourth games.


Printing Errors on Cards


6.         Printing errors must be brought to the notice of the OIC Tombola prior to the commencement of the game and rectified.  Claims made on such defective cards, without prior rectification, will not be valid.



7.         The Secretary will form a panel of announcers, from amongst RSAOI members, based on their capability.  In case of non-availability of any such announcer, the officer in charge will make suitable adjustments.  Ladies and dependents of members are not permitted to be announcers.  If the Executive Committee removes any announcer from the panel, he will not be reconsidered for induction in the panel of announcers again.

Eligibility of Participants


8.         Members of RSAOI and their families are eligible to claim all the dividends and special prizes.  Guests/Temporary members/Reciprocal members and their families are eligible only for normal minor and major dividends and are NOT eligible for snowball and jackpot.


9.         Guests of members of RSAOI are eligible after payment of guest charges at the reception.  The receipt of payment is to be shown to the announcer for claiming any dividend.  Guests are not entitled to claim the snowball or the jackpot.


10.       Temporary members/Reciprocal members and their spouses are not entitled to the snowball and jackpot.

Ineligibility of Participants


11.       Children under 16 yrs of age are not permitted to participate.

Checking of Tombola Coins


12.       The main and standby sets of tombola coins (90) will be checked, prior to the first game as well as on completion of last game of the day.

RSAOI Cutting


13.       Approximately 25% of the collection amount generated through sale of cards from each game will be set aside towards the RSAOI cutting to cater for jackpots, snowballs, provision of tombola cards, stationery and other miscellaneous expenses.

14.       Membership Cards.   All officers, families and dependents playing Tombola must be in possession of their own card.  The card can be checked by the staff.  In case any of the players cannot show his/her membership card, the claim would be considered as invalid.

Dividends : Minor and Major


(a)       Minor Dividends.    Jaldi Five, Jona, Lines, Pyramids, Star, Cascade etc., amount for minor dividends will be approximately 15% of the  total amount allotted for minor and major dividends.           


(b)       Major Dividends                                    Amount


                        (i)         First House               -           Approx 50% of the total

                        (ii)        Second House          -           Approx 25% of the total

                        (iii)       Third House              -           Approx 10% of the total

Note.  If the collection is more, additional houses will be added to the dividends.  For easy disbursement, all individual dividends should be divisible by both 20 & 30.


(c)        Special Prizes


(i)        First Snowball           -          Rs 1600/- in 45 calls (increase of Rs 50/-  every Sat and increase one call)


(ii)      Jackpot                      -           Rs 2000/- in 42 calls (amount & No of  Calls remain unchanged on all days)


(iii)          Addl/Sponsored         -           Number of calls and  format to be decided by OIC. Prizes will be in cash or kind.


(iv)      Any participant claiming a house will be eligible for only one of the following:-


                                    (aa)     Jackpot

                                    (ab)     Snowball

                                    (ac)     House

Announcing of Numbers


15.       The  Announcer will pick ONLY one coin at a time from the coin container and announce the number clearly and slowly.  The numbers may be pre fixed with catchwords.  The announcer should give an adequate time gap for the participants to claim prizes.

Claimants and Bogey Call


16.       Participants must claim ONLY AFTER the announcement of the actual number is completed and not during the announcement of catchwords.  The claim must be loud enough to draw the attention of the announcer.  When a claim is declared as Bogey, the announcer will destroy the concerned card.  Late claim after payment of dividend/prizes to the previous claimant will not be entertained.  In case of any DISPUTE the decision of the Announcer will be final.

Decision by the Announcer is Final


17.       Decision of the announcer will be final in all aspects of controversies during the conduct of Tombola.  Any aspect/point/rule for conduct of Tombola, not covered above, will be considered by Secy and the OIC and put up to the Chairman for approval.

Lucky Draw for the Evening


18.       A draw from the used cards of the Fifth House of the previous Tombola day will be held exactly at the time of the start of the First House i.e. at 7.00 PM.  This is to  encourage  members to reach on time.  The winner of this draw will be entitled to one sheet for each of the Five Houses.

Lucky Draw for Each House


19.       A draw for one lucky ticket for each house will be drawn from the used tickets of the previous house.  For picking out the lucky ticket for the First House, a draw will be carried out from the used tickets of the last house of the previous Tombola evening.



20.       Record of each days collection and dividend payments for each house will be recorded in a proper register and duly signed by the OIC Tombola at the end of the last house of Tombola for the evening.  This Tombola register will be put up to the Secretary for his perusal next morning of Tombola.

Panel of Announcers


21.       The Secretary will maintain a panel of Tombola announcers and nominate an OIC Tombola who will be responsible to conduct Tombola on specified dates.



Reading Room


1.         The  Reading Room is located on the  Ground Floor of the RSAOI Main Building to facilitate access by senior veteran members and ladies.  Light reading material is available in the  Reading Room which includes popular newspapers, magazines,   journals and DVDs.  Internet facilities and also the facility to browse the entire list of books and reference material kept in the library is possible.


2      All permanent/associate members of the institute are eligible to use the facilities of the reading room within its confined limit, without becoming members of the library.

CD/DVD Library


3.         RSAOI CD/DVD library will function as part of the main library and will have a collection of CDs/DVDs in both Hindi and English.


4.         Members who wish to borrow CDs/DVDs from the library will be required to register themselves as members of CD/DVD library.


5.         Reciprocal/Temporary members are not permitted to avail the facilities of CD/DVD library.


6.         For borrowing CDs/DVDs the RSAOI Membership Card/RSAOI Dependent Card should be produced for verification by the library staff.


7.         Membership fee will be as follows :-



Deposit                     Charges                                Benefits


(a)       Rs 100/-           Rs 5/- Per CD/DVD            Can borrow 01 (One) DVD for 4 days 


(b)       Rs 200/-                     -do-                           Can borrow 02 (Two) DVD for 4 days


8.         Rental and deposit rates are subject to revision.


9.         CDs/DVDs should be checked and damages, if any, should be reported before accepting them.  A fine upto the value of the CD/DVD will be levied for damage/losses.


10.       CDs/DVDs borrowed from the library must be returned on or before the due date.  An overdue charge at Rs 5/- per CD/DVD per day will be levied for default.



11.       The Library is located on the ground floor of the RSAOI Main Building. The library has various categories of books. A catalogue of new books will be displayed at the reception desk.


12.       A Sub Committee shall be appointed for the efficient management of the library.


13.       The library shall remain open from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm and 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm daily, except on Tuesdays. The library timings and holidays are subject to change.


14.       A suggestion book will be available with the librarian.


15.       All Permanent/Associate members of the institute are eligible to use the facilities of the library and reading room within its confined limit, without becoming members of the library.


16.       Members who wish to borrow books from the library will be required to register themselves as members of RSAOI library.  The application form for membership is available at the Library.  Reference books will not be issued.


17.       Affiliated/Temporary members are not permitted to avail the facilities available to library members, but may use the reading room.


18.       For borrowing books/magazine the membership card should be on person for verification by the staff.  The membership scheme is as follows:-


Scheme                     Subscription                        Benefits


(a)    Individual M/Ship         Rs 300/-         Can borrow 2 books and 2 magazines for three weeks and one week respectively


(b)    Family M/Ship              Rs 550/-        Can borrow 4 books and 2 magazines for three weeks and one week respectively


(c)    Internet                         Rs 10/-           For 30 minutes or part thereof.

Note.  Subscription rates are subject to revision.  Loss of cards will be intimated to RSAOI on occurrence.  Duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs 25 per card.


19.       On return of books/magazines they will be checked and damage if any reported before accepting them. A fine upto the value of the book will be levied on books returned with pages torn or marked. Members will ensure that books borrowed are maintained in good condition.


20.       Books and periodicals borrowed from the library must be returned on or before the stamped due date on the issue label.  An overdue charge at Rs 1/- per book/per day will be levied and charged.


21.       Books can be renewed after the initial issue for 21 days, for a further period of    21 days.  If a book is lost, the full cost will be recovered.


22.       Members are advised not to bring non-members to the library; casual members may be admitted on payment of Rs 10/- per day.


23.       All belongings/bags will be left at the entrance except cash/valuables.


24.       Membership may be cancelled at the discretion of the management.


25.       Smoking is prohibited in the library.  Alcohol, soft drinks and eatables are not permitted in the library.


26.       Disposal of old newspapers & periodicals will be effected through a board of officers every two months for newspapers and once a year for magazines.





1.         General.        Card rooms, one each for Bridge and Rummy, are available to members and eligible dependents.  Bridge, Rummy and Mahjong are the only three games of cards permitted at this Institute.  Gambling in any other form is strictly prohibited.


2.         Subscription.   The monthly subscriptions are as under:-


                        Category                                                                   Rate


            (a)       Permanent/Associate Member        Rs 100/- per month each Rummy, Bridge and Mahjong


 (b)       Member couple                                Rs 200/- per month


 (c)        Guests (Relative)                            Rs 50/- for twice a week for parents/in- laws of a member beside guest entry fee


            (d)       Temporary Members                        Rs 30/- per week for serving Offrs/affiliated club members on short visit to Bangalore


            (e)       Casual guests of appropriate           Rs 50/- /day/guest, not more than status with other members of RSAOI four at a time and only 

                       Status                                               twice a month, beside guests entry fee.


3.         Timings.   The timings for card room are as follows:-

                                                                        Morning (BRIDGE)             Evening (RUMMY)

 (a)       Weekday/Holidays   -           1000 hr - 1400 hr                    1500 hr  -  2200 hr

            (b)       Sunday/Holidays     -           1000 hr - 1400 hr                     1500 hr  -  2200 hr

            (c)        Closed day             -           Tuesday/specified holidays


4.         Club Rate/Rules


(a)       Bridge.   Club rate for Bridge shall not exceed Rs 5/- per 100 points.  Cutting in shall be according to the ordinary bridge rules i.e. 3 persons may cut in, if there is only one table.  But only two may cut in if there is more than one table.  If more than one table is in play and rubber is completed, TABLE UP will be called to allow players sitting on another table to come in.  Should they refuse this opportunity, they will not be allowed to cut in at any table other than the one on which they are waiting.


(b)       Rummy.   Club rate for Rummy will not exceed Rs 2/- per big (10) point.  It will be played according to international rummy rules with suitable modification befitting a Service Institute.  Such modified rules are published separately and displayed in the Rummy Room for information and strict adherence to by all members.


5.         Mahjong.   Players who utilize the card room for playing Mahjong shall pay Card Room subscription applicable to members and guests besides guest entry fee.


6.         Card Packs.    Members are not permitted to bring their own cards, but shall use the cards supplied or those bought by this Institute.  New card packs will made available once in a fortnight on Friday.  Members who wish to purchase new packs, for play, can do so  in the Institute at prices notified from time to time.  Card Room I/C will collect all cards after the game and repack them for issue the following day.


7.         Decorum.      The following are broad guidelines for all members :-


(a)          Only drinks/soft drinks/tea/coffee/dry snacks can be served at the table.


(b)          No refreshments of any type, which may spoil the cards, when handled, will be supplied or permitted in the Card Room.  No refreshment/eatables of any type will be brought from outside the Institute.  Meals/refreshment will be consumed only in the restaurant/coffee bar.


(c)          Grace and dignity, in speech and action, shall be maintained in the Card Room.  Uncalled for excitement and loss of  temper  is strictly prohibited.


(d)       Any difference of opinion arising in a game or in the interpretation of rules shall be resolved by the member in charge or by cards Committee.


(e)       Husband and wife or close relations shall not play on the same table.  In case of only table, they may play, if not objected to by other members and will sit farthest from each other, irrespective of rules evolved for a cut out for seating.


(f)           All lights/fans will be switched off at 2200 hr as prescribed.


8.         Transaction.  All transactions will be settled in cash at the close of game/play/ day.


9.         Table Reservation.   Card tables may be reserved from 1100 hr/1430hr to 1900h on all playing days through a written application to the Secretary along with reservation charges of Rs 25/- for every 3 hours.






1.         Only retired officers from out station along with their dependent families can occupy ROTH rooms. Occupants will establish their identity by showing their Retired Officers’ Identity Card, before occupation.  Relatives, representatives, civilians and foreigners are not permitted to book or stay in the rooms.  Allotment of rooms for members will be more of an exception than a rule.


2.         Persons booking the accommodation are required to deposit the full amount in advance to obtain confirmation.  All payments will be in favour of ROTH, RSAOI, Bangalore through crossed DD or local cheque. 


3.         Full refund will be given if the booking is cancelled minimum 7 days in adv.  If the accommodation is not occupied within 24 hrs of the date of booking, the advance amount will be forfeited and allotment for further days will be cancelled.


4.         Before occupation, the retired officer will ensure serviceability/correctness of all items in the inventory displayed in each room.  In case of any doubt, clarification can be obtained from the NCO I/C ROTH or Secretary RSAOI.  Thereafter care and proper use of all items including the AC, fridge, TV set, tele, fittings and other items of use etc will be the responsibility of the occupant.  While departing, the occupant will ensure the tidiness of the room and also ensure that no stains are left on carpets, beds, furniture etc.


5.         The rooms are available for a maximum period of seven days.  The rentals for rooms are as follows:-


(a)       First 5 days                -           Rs 850/- per day


(b)       Next 2 days               -           Rs 1250/- per day


(c)        Rooms shall not be allotted beyond seven days.  However, under exceptional circumstances, rooms could be allotted beyond seven days, if vacant, at the rate of Rs 1500/- per day.


6.         Check in/Check out time will be 0800 hrs, respectively. Rent will be calculated on day/date basis (and not hours).


7.         Guest will ensure that the NCO I/C ROTH Room is informed at least 12 hrs before checking out to facilitate billing.  The occupant will clear all bills including damages before checking out.


8.         Non RSAOI members, who are occupants of the ROTH, have the privilege of being temporary members of the RSAOI by paying daily usage charges for the duration of their occupation of ROTH.  The following will be complied with :-


(a)   They are required to report to the reception counter of the RSAOI at the earliest with their Retired Officers’ Identity Card for related formalities. 


(b)    Facility at RSAOI bar can be availed using the debit card obtainable at the reception counter.  Bar timings are 1130h-1430h and 1930h-2230h.


(c)     Facilities of RSAOI restaurants can similarly be availed.  Restaurant timings are 1230h-1500h and 1930h-2230h. 


(d)  As Tuesdays/gazetted holiday are closed days for RSAOI, alternate arrangements should be considered.


9.     Room service facilities are not available.  However, one bearer has been detailed for housekeeping and to assist occupants.  He will be available at staggered timing from 0700 hrs to 2100 hrs at the ROTH.  Offrs are requested to bear in mind the needs of occupants of other rooms while employing the bearer.


10.     Dogs/pets are not allowed in ROTH rooms.





1.         Introduction.   RSAOI Cinema Hall (Movie Moksha) commenced in the new building in the erstwhile Gym (Six Pack).  The hall boasts of 88 pushback upholstered seats and is full air conditioned.  It started showing the latest Hindi Movies via satellite wef 19 Aug 2016.  In Oct 2017 it was decided to screen English DVDs at least once in a week.


2.         Screening of Movies.  Six Hindi shows and one English movie will be screened in a week and also on holidays. 


3.         Auditorium Main Charges


           Members                    -           Rs 100/-                  

(UFO Hindi Movie)

           Guests                       -           Rs 150/-


 Members                   -           Rs 50/-                    

(DVD English Movie)

            Guests                      -           Rs 100/-


4.         Schedule of Movies


            (a)       Hindi Movie    -          Friday to Wednesday  -   1830 hrs (1 show)

                                                         Sunday                        -   1500 hrs & 1830 hrs (2 shows)

            (b)       English Movie -         Thursday                     -   1830 hrs (1 show)

                                                         Sunday                        -   1130 hrs (1 show)


5.         Booking.    For movies which are likely to be houseful, members may be permitted to reserve seats through e-mail/tele calls/SMS.  Mob number for booking seats is 7338268123 and advance booking and cancellation done from 1000 hrs 1400 hrs.  However the seats will be limited to only 20 seats on first come first serve basis.  The balance 68 seats will remain open for others.  Open booking at counter can be done from 1730 hrs onwards.


6.         Children’s Movies.              Screening of children’s movies during vacations should be facilitated.


7.         Liquor & Snacks.    Facility of liquor and dry snacks are permitted in the movie hall.  Temporary Bar and Snack Bar are established in the new building foyer of RSAOI for convenience of the members.  Dry snacks are permitted in the movie theatre, however wet snacks are not permitted.


8.         Guests.   Blood relations (mother, father, son & daughter above 25 years) can avail this facility as guest.  Members will be responsible for the conduct of their guests.


9.         Dress Code.   The members and guests must adhere to proper dress code as per RSAOI guidelines.


10.       Conduct.


(a)          Members are requested not to litter the hall and use the trash bins placed on the sides to dispose off the paper cups, plates, tissue and other wrappers.


(b)          Do not wipe your fingers on the upholstery of the seats.


(c)          Use the arm rest in consideration of the others sitting next to you.


(d)          Talking loudly and use of cell phones in the hall is prohibited.


(e)          No smoking in hall.







1.         RSAOI Premises will be available only for Serving/Retd defence Offrs/Civilian Offrs paid out of Def Budget for hosting marriage, receptions, birthday parties and anniversaries for themselves and for their own sons/daughters and dependent blood relations only. 


2.         The hire charges for RSAOI premises are as follows :-




Hire Charges

Refundable Deposit



Cariappa Hall (MPH)                                     (Str - 200 to 1000)

(a) Members of RSAOI           For Day




                                               For Evening




(b) Non Members (Army)        For Day




                                               For Evening




(c) Non Member (AF & Navy) For Day




                                               For Evening




(d) Blood relation of Member  For Day




                                               For Evening




(e) Blood relation of Non Member For Day




                                                For Evening





Swimming Pool                                            (Str - 40 to 150 plus)

(a)    Member of RSAOI




(b)    Non Member of RSAOI




(c)    Blood relation Members




(d)    Blood relation Non Members





Wings (Roof Top)                                         (Str - 40 to 100)

(a)    Member of RSAOI




(b)    Non Member of RSAOI




(c)    Blood relation Members




(d)    Blood relation Non Members




Additional charges : if Str >100 - Rs 100/- per head





The Cavalier / Quarter Deck                        (Str - 15 to 40)

(a)    Member of RSAOI




(b)    Non Member of RSAOI




(c)    Blood relation Members




(d)    Blood relation Non Members





Bayonet Lounge & Annexe                          (Str - 30 to 80)

(a)    Member of RSAOI




(b)    Non Member of RSAOI




(c)    Blood relation Members




(d)    Blood relation Non Members





50 Em Gee                                                     (Str - 40 to 80)

(a)    Member of RSAOI




(b)    Non Member of RSAOI




(c)    Blood relation Members




(d)    Blood relation Non Members





Small Parties (Nirvana/Rendezvous/Nook) (Str - 10 to 15)


(a)   Below 10 people



(b)   More than 10 people


Late charges of every 30 minutes : 10% of Banquet Hall charge)

Members booking on week days (Mon, Wed & Thu) can avail 50% discount on booking charges for small parties in Nirvana / Rendezvous / Nook / Cavalier /      Quarter Deck.

Terms & Conditions


3.         The following terms and conditions for hiring of RSAOI premises are binding on the hirer :-


(a)       The hirer of the RSAOI premises will submit an application, on the prescribed form, along with crossed DD/local cheque drawn on Secretary RSAOI Bangalore, towards hire charges.  Hiring of premises will be confirmed after approval by the Chairman, RSAOI.


(b)       The premises will be available at 1000 hr on the day of booking until 2300 hr only on  the same day.


(c)        Parties hiring the premises shall remove all shamianas, furniture, electrical fittings and other stores by 0800 hrs the following day, and hand over the premises in the same condition as it was taken over.  Following penalty will be levied for delayed removal and amount adjusted against the security deposits :-


(i)         Removal till 1300 hr on the following day of function              -           Rs 5000/-


           (ii)        Removal by 1700 hr on the following day of function              -           Rs 10,000/-


(d)       25% of the hire charges will be deducted in case of cancellation due to members own request irrespective of the time of cancellation, within seven days of booking.  However, security deposit will be refunded in full.  50% of hire charges will be deducted if cancelled after 07 days and within 30 days of booking.  If cancellation is done 30 days after the booking or 10 days prior to function, whichever is earlier, 75% of hire charges will be deducted


(e)       Liquor/wine will not be supplied by the RSAOI.  The hirer, however, may serve liquor brought from his own resources after paying corkage at 10% of the liquor cost of the RSAOI.  However, soft drinks and soda may be purchased from RSAOI against an advance deposit.  Un-opened soft drinks and soda bottles can be returned and money adjusted accordingly.


(f)        Entrance to the MPH Area will be from the Gate No 3 / 4 on MG Road and guests attending the function are not be permitted to use any other entrance meant for RSAOI members.


(g)       Cars/two wheelers parking within the RSAOI may be permitted by the Secretary subject to the availability of space.


(h)       RSAOI will not be responsible for any accident/theft or damage due to any reason and no compensation will be paid for such incident.  Any loss/damage to RSAOI property during conduct of any function in RSAOI premises will be made good by the hirer.


(j)         Catering by RSAOI Restaurant is mandatory


(k)        Power Supply through a DG Set will be provided by the RSAOI for lighting of the Hall to the parties hiring the premises.  However, they may hire generators for decorative lights and illumination purposes.  Outside the Hall unauthorised tapping of electricity from the RSAOI sources will invite cancellation of hiring out of premises and the charges already paid will not be refunded.


(l)         Cooking is not permitted and burning of firewood/charcoal is prohibited. 


(m)      No loud music is allowed during the function.  The hirer is required to take note of any observation made by the Secretary RSAOI and reduce the volume forthwith when requested, failing which it will invite penalty of Rs 2000/- and disciplinary action as per RSAOI Rules.  The aim of incorporating this clause is to ensure that other members are not disturbed and at the same time, people attending the function enjoy the music in relaxed manner.


(n)       It may be noted that official functions conducted by RSAOI or Unit/Establishments under the administrative control of the HQ KK & G Sub Area will take precedence over private functions.  In such cases, the hirer will be asked to shift the venue to an alternate site/premises within the RSAOI without any extra expenditure or additional commitment to the RSAOI.


(o)       One wedding card is required to be forwarded before the date of marriage for record purposes.


3.         The above terms and conditions generally cover the main aspects and are not exhaustive.  The management may lay down additional stipulations from time to time, which will be binding on the hirer of RSAOI premises.  Members are therefore, requested to personally meet the Secretary RSAOI and clarify all aspects.


4.         The hirer is wholly responsible for the dress code, good conduct and behaviour of the guests attending such functions.  In case of any dispute, the decision of the Chairman RSAOI will be final.


5.         A provisional receipt will be given on deposit of hire charges.  However, permission to hold the function is required to be obtained after submission of marriage card.


6.         The applicant will render a certificate stating, I certify that I will abide by the terms and conditions enumerated above and the statements made are true.


7.         Foreign Nationals attending the function as guests require to have their docus and the sanction obtained by the Host from Competent auth.

Reservation of RSAOI Premises


8.         Units and members wishing to make use of the RSAOI Premises for private parties or functions must put in a request in writing on the prescribed form to the Secretary RSAOI well in advance to obtain sanction by the Management / Executive Committee.  Details of menu and other arrangement signed by the concerned member must be finalized at least 48 hours in advance.  Charges for catering, decorations, lights, hired furniture / tents etc will be paid to contractor through RSAOI.  Detailed rules are contained in  SOP  on hiring of RSAOI premises.

Penalty - Late Party


9.         Members are requested to note that the same staff is recycled for routine functioning of RSAOI after parties / functions.  A late party affects the functioning of the staff hence all members are requested to be considerate.  A delayed party will invite late fee/penalties as laid down.





1.         RSAOI is situated in prime area in the heart of Bangalore.  It is very centrally located and provides facilities to host any function.  Multi Purpose Hall (MPH), the erstwhile dance floor, was constructed in 1998 to conduct major functions of RSAOI and provide facilities to members to organize marriages/receptions.

Terms of Reference


2.         Cariappa Hall (MPH) will only be given to the following for organizing their functions like marriages of their son/daughter, dependent brothers and sisters, marriage anniversaries/parties on special occasions :-


            (a)       Serving officers/Retired officers.

            (b)       Out station members/separated families.

            (c)        Lady members/widows.

            (d)       Civilian officers paid from defence estimates, if members of RSAOI.

 (e)       Non member serving/retired officers at non member’s rate.

3.         No sponsoring is permitted even for close relations like niece/nephew.


4.         No private function can be organized on Saturday, being tombola days.  RSAOI will remain closed on Tuesday.


5.         Allotment will be made entirely at the discretion of the RSAOI management.


Booking/Hiring Charges


6.         MPH consisting of a hall (covered top), open area in front up to the  entrance from the RSAOI  Main Building and gate to the stadium, may be given on rent.  Entry will be from Gate No 3/4 on MG Road for members.  Hiring charges including generator will be as follows :-


            (a)       Members of RSAOI Bangalore:-   

                                                                              Day Function           Evening Function


                      (i)         Hiring Charge             -         Rs 30,000/-                Rs 50,000/-

                      (ii)       Refundable Deposit    -          Rs 20,000/-                Rs 20,000/-

                        Total    -         Rs 50,000/-               Rs 70,000/-

 (b)      Non Member of RSAOI (Army) :-


(i)        Hiring Charge             -         Rs 40,000/-                Rs 60,000/-

                      (ii)       Refundable Deposit   -          Rs 20,000/-                Rs 20,000/-

                        Total    -        Rs 60,000/-                Rs 80,000/-

            (c)     Non Member (AF & Navy):-

(i)        Hiring Charge             -        Rs 50,000/-                Rs 70,000/-

                      (ii)       Refundable Deposit   -         Rs 20,000/-                Rs 20,000/-

                        Total    -        Rs 70,000/-               Rs 90,000/-

(d)    Function of grand children or blood relations (brother & sister) of a member :-         

(i)        Hiring Charge             -        Rs 60,000/-                Rs 80,000/-

                      (ii)       Refundable Deposit   -         Rs 20,000/-               Rs 20,000/-

                        Total    -        Rs 80,000/-               Rs 1,00,000/-

(e)   Function of grand children or blood relations (brother & sister) of a non member:-   


(i)        Hiring Charge             -        Rs 70,000/-                Rs 90,000/-

                      (ii)       Refundable Deposit   -         Rs 20,000/-                Rs 20,000/-

                        Total    -        Rs 90,000/-               Rs 1,10,000/-


7.         NOTES :


(a)       For hiring premises of RSAOI an application on prescribed form to be supplied by RSAOI will have to be filled by the hirer and submitted with a DD/ Crossed Cheque in favour of “RSAOI, BANGALORE” as hire charges. Confirmation will be given after the approval by the Chairman, RSAOI.


(b)       Catering by RSAOI is mandatory and no outside catering is permitted.  (Auth : ECM held on 11 Oct 2012).  In the event of exceeding number of plates ordered, it will be an increment of max 10% of total order placed.  Menus kept with the Restaurant can be selected as per requirement.  Firm demand of minimum number of plates will be placed on the RSAOI for which the amount will be deposited even if the number of plates are not utilized.  However, in case of increase in the number of guests, an amount will be charged based on additional plates.  Additional charges will be levied for hiring traditional cooks and waiters.


(c)        The function has to finish by 11.00 PM.  Rs 5,000/- will be charged for every 30 minutes and part thereof.


(d)       No DJ/loud music allowed to played during the function.  The party is required to take note of observation made by the Secy RSAOI and will reduce the sound forthwith when requested, failing which the allotment will be cancelled on the spot by the Secy.  The aim of incorporating this clause is to ensure that other members/families are not disturbed and at the same time people attending the function enjoy the music in a relaxed manner.


(e)       The official functions conducted by RSAOI or unit/establishments under the administrative control of the HQ K&K Sub Area will take precedence over the private functions.  In such cases the member will be asked to shift the venue to alternate site/premises within RSAOI without any extra expenditure or additional commitment to RSAOI.


(f)        One wedding card is required to be forwarded before the date of function.


(g)          No band to permitted in guest room area.


(h)          Proof of relationship is to be produced at the time of booking.


(j)         Dress Code     Informal dress code.


(k)        No proxy booking is permitted.


(l)         Non members will provide valid proof of their status and affiliated Club/ Institute membership card.


(j)            No foreign guests are allowed without prior clearance from HQ K&K Sub Area.


(k)          No tipping of staff is allowed in cash/kind.




8.         Booking once made, if cancelled subsequently due to any reason, will entail a refund as per the following laid down restrictions:-


(a)       Cancellation made 120 days and above prior to function        :           10%

            (b)       Cancellation made 90 days and above prior to function          :           20%

            (c)        Cancellation made 60 days and above prior to function          :           30%

            (d)       Cancellation made 30 days and above prior to function          :           40%

            (e)       Cancellation made 15 days and above prior to function          :           50%

            (f)        Cancellation made 07 days and above prior to function          :           60%

            (g)       Cancellation made less than 07 days prior to function            :           70%



9.         In case of any loss/damage of RSAOI property during the conduct of any function in RSAOI premises, the concerned member hiring the RSAOI premises will pay the complete amount towards restoration costs.



10.       The RSAOI will hand over the MPH to the concerned officer at 09.30 AM on the day of hire and will be concluded by 11.00 PM same night.  After 11.00 PM, a penalty of 10% will be charged (irrespective of the premises booked) for every 30 minutes or part thereof.  Permission beyond 24:05 hrs is required to be obtained in writing from RSAOI Chairman and additional charges will be doubled.



11.       No outside vendors other than those registered will be permitted.  Members will have to cater for erection of shamiana/kanat, furniture, decoration by way of colored lights, flowers and arches/stage/mandap for marriage rituals.  RSAOI will charge 10% of the total cost of hiring from the concerned member towards service charges.



12.       Cars may be parked in RSAOI, provided the space is available.  Entrance will also be opened from Gate No  3/4 on MG Road and car/scooters/MCs can be parked in the earmarked ground under own arrangements.  No buses/heavy vehicles will be permitted to be parked in the premises.



13.       Under no circumstance will the RSAOI Management be responsible for any theft, damage or accidents during the function due to any reason and no compensation will be paid for such incident.  All security arrangements will be made by the member concerned.




14.       RSAOI will not issue any liquor, wine and beer to private party and liquor will be under Members’ arrangements (Corkage charges amounting 10% of the hard drinks will be charged).  However soft drinks, ice cubes and soda may be taken from RSAOI against firm demand.  Un-opened soft drinks and soda bottles can be returned and accts be settled accordingly.



15.       RSAOI being a premier Institution of the Armed Forces, suitable decorum must be maintained at all times while utilizing the facilities.  It is the responsibility of  members to ensure that dignity and prestige of RSAOI is not harmed at any cost.  The member/host will be responsible for the conduct of his guests/invitees.






1.         Kerbside pump of Petrol BS IV (87 MT Gas) has been re-installed in the premises of RSAOI and HQ K&K Sub Area for the benefit of RSAOI members and their dependents.  RSAOI has been given the responsibility to operate the Kerbside pump.



2.         The aim of this Bye-Laws is to lay down the procedure for functioning and management of centralized payment issue of Petrol to RSAOI members.



3.         Demand of petrol will be placed directly by RSAOI to IOC terminal on  requirement basis against advance payment and IOC will issue FOL on retail price as issued to other petrol pump owners in the civil market.


4.         RSAOI will run the Kerbside pump under their  own arrangements.


5.         Payment issues of petrol will be made from Kerbside pump located at RSAOI on all days. Petrol will be issued only to entitled personnel i.e. RSAOI members and their dependents who  are residing in the same locality on credit/debit card payment only.


6.         Petrol will be issued only to personnel physically reporting to pump and no petrol will be issued in containers.


7.         Petrol will be issued to the members/dependents, JCO’s, ORs & RSAOI staff.


8.         The opening and closing dip of the Kerbside pump will be taken by pump attendants at 0830 hr and 1930 hr daily and a record will be maintained.


9.         Kerbside Pump Committee. Following will be responsible for operating of Kerbside pump :-


(a)          Secretary

(b)          Supervisor

(c)          Accountant

(d)          Pump attendant

(e)          KSP NCO-Ex 56 Coy ASC (Sup)

10.       Responsibilities of Secretary. Secretary will be responsible for security, accounting and functioning of the Kerbside pump and also to ensure proper duties are being performed by the supervisor, accountant and pump attendant.


11.       Duties of Supervisor.   The duties of the supervisor are as under:- 


(a)       Security of the Kerbside pump.


(b)       Proper accounting of stock/payments.


(c)        He will be responsible for day to day running and maint of Kerbside pump.


(d)       He will be responsible for day to day tallying of amount with reference to sales.


(e)       He will be responsible to adhere to the correct procedure i.e., unloading the BPL as and when received from IOC terminal and dip taken in the presence of BPL driver and pump attendant.


(f)        Signing of all petrol indent forms and challans.


(g)       Place the summary of the previous day before the RSAOI Secretary for perusal.


(h)       Place demands and receive the products on time.


(j)         Quality of products will be checked by IOC and rep of Sup Depot ASC, Bangalore in the presence of Supervisor of RSAOI.  Training of staff for operating of KSP and quality control will be organised by Sup Depot ASC Bangalore. Liaison with Sup Depot be maintained for regular training.


12.       Duties of Accountant.  The duties of accountant are as under:- 


(a)      Proper accounting of stock and payments.


(b)    Responsible for day to day tallying of maint of Kerbside pump amount with reference to sales.


            (c)     Maintenance of the account of  Kerbside pump at RSAOI.


(d)   Responsible to reconcile the sale summary main bank statement for credit card payments of the previous day.


(e)  Place the summary of the previous day before the RSAOI Secretary for perusal.


(f)     Place the demand and receive the products on time.  


13.       Duties of Kerbside Pump NCO - Ex 56 Coy ASC (Sup)

(a)       Daily check of stock level of petrol, both in the morning and  evening  by the  dip stick method.

           (b)          Daily check of sale of petrol.    


(c)        Escort the  BPL from the IOC depot after collection right upto the RSAOI Petrol Pump.


           (d)       Checking of BPL on arrival and decanting into the tank.


(e)       Assist in monthly stock taking of petrol.


14.       Duties of Pump Attendant


(a)       Ensure cleanliness of the Kerbside pump at all times.


(b)       Ensure serviceability of fire fighting equipment.


(c)        Ensure serviceability of the petrol dispenser and computerized billing system.


           (d)       Ensure serviceability of the air compressor machine.


(e)       Maint of sales register.


(f)        Assist Kerbside pump NCO Ex 56 Coy ASC (Sup) in discharging of all duties.     


(g)       Reporting any incidents with respect to functioning of the Kerbside pump, to the Supervisor and the Secretary. 


15.       Registers.    The following registers will be maintained:-


            (a)       Accounts Ledger

            (b)       Property Register

            (c)        Daily Issue Register

            (d)       Dip Record Register

            (e)       Daily Balance Statement

            (f)        Credit Card/Debit Card Payment Receipt

            (g)       Density Record Register

16.       Procedure for buying any Item for the  Kerbside Pump.   All purchases will be made by RSAOI after obtaining  sanction of Vice Chairman, RSAOI.


17.       Timings of Operation.   The timings of the operation of Kerbside pump are as under :-


(a)          All days except Tuesdays               -           8.00 AM  to 8.00 PM


(b)       Lunch Break                                  -           12.30 PM  to 1.30 PM


(c)        Weekly off                                     -           Tuesday        


(d)       The Kerbside pump will remain closed on the days, RSAOI is closed and will remain open on the days RSAOI is functioning.


18.       Safety and Security of the Kerbside Pump.  With a view to highlight the importance of safety and security against accidents and fire, the following points should be implemented by the staff posted at the premises :-


(a)          2 fire buckets with dry sand and 2 dry chemical powder extinguishers at all times.


(b)       The lid provided for the fire bucket should be intact, otherwise the sand will  get wet and will not be effective in case of fire.


(c)        The attendants should not use the fire buckets for any other purpose.


(d)       The pump attendants should be trained in the proper use of the buckets and fire extinguisher in case of fire. The correct way of using it would be to pour the sand from low height in one stroke so that the sand completely smothers and covers the area where the fire has occurred.


(e)       Ensure that all electrical connections are intact as loose wiring or loose connections may cause an electrical short circuit or sparking which may be a source of fire. Electronic appliances, lighters and mobile phones should not be permitted near the Kerbside pump.


(f)        NO SMOKING” and “NO USE OF MOBILE PHONE” boards should be put up at prominent places to ensure that the customers and others follow the instructions regarding “no smoking” very strictly.  A small cigarette butt can cause a major fire.


(g)       Important telephone numbers like “Fire Brigade”, “Ambulance” and “Police” for contacting in case of emergency to be displayed prominently.


19.       Profit


(a)       Petrol will be issued by IOC to RSAOI Kerbside Pump directly on retail price as issued to other civil petrol pump owners. The profit will be as per rates decided by Management Committee.


(b)       The profit will be used by RSAOI as decided by the Management Committee.



20.       In order to avoid any irregularity in accounting and ensure proper functioning of Kerbside pump system, this Bye-Law will be followed meticulously by all concerned without exception.


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