16 NOV 2023

Dear Members,
1.  Entry Tickets :-
(a)  Please refer GOC’s Interaction with Members dt 16 Sep 2023, wherein a Member had a pt that snacks, meals and drinks should not be made a package with the entry tickets, since Members who do not drink / or want to eat food are at a disadvantage.
(b)  A trial model for Diwali function was conducted on the basis of coupons for drinks/snacks/dinner. Approx 1200 Members attended.  The following were the drawbacks faced by the RSAOI.
(i)  Forecast for drinks / snacks could not be estimated in adv leading to wastage of food.
(ii)  Long queues at stalls, min half a minute are required by the steward to count the coupons and dispense the food or drinks to the Members.
(iii)  Members purchased coupons worth Rs 2500 / Rs 3000 spent only Rs 1000 and returned the balance thereby creating scarcity for coupons, which resulted in enormous wastage of food item.
(iv)  Extra staff had to be hired to serve the Members. Package F & B with the entry tickets is based on self service thereby reducing pressure on staff.
(v)  Cost of guest tickets was increased because Members were not charged.
(c)  The Feedback recd from majority of Members was to incl drinks/food with the ticket, to avoid long queues at bars / food counters.
(d)  The Mgmt was briefed in detail.  Henceforth all Maj functions the tickets will incl Snacks / Meals / Drinks (Soft / Alcohol) for smooth function of events at this scale. The sub committee for entertainment conf was held on 15 Nov and had agreed to conduct such an entry ticket to incl F&B.
2.  CHRISTMAS SANTHE –  Christmas Santhe will be organised in RSAOI details as follows :-
(a)  Date - 13 Dec  to 23 Dec 2023.
(b)  Stall booking charges Rs 3,000/- per stall (only one stall per member on first cum first booking.  It is requested do not outsource the space).
(c)  Amount will be deducted through membership card only.
(d)  For more details contact Sub Tapan Das (Retd) @ 6305053081.
(a)  Date - 31 Dec (Sun).
(b)  Time - 08:00 PM.
(c)  Venue - Cricket Ground.
(d) Event Highlights
(i)  DJ Music with MC.
(ii)  A celebrity band with singers and dance performers.
(iii)  Jazz Music Stage/Dance floor consisting of Live Band with Sound & lights.
(iv)  LED Screen Play/Cracker Show of Count Down to Zero hrs.
(e)  Entry Tickets : - Combo Pack (Unlimited Drinks, Snacks & Food).
(f)  Booking – Booking of ticket commences from 23 Nov (Thu) to 27 Dec (Wed).  Rates of Tickets will be intimated to member after approval from the Mgmt.
(g)  Note :-
(i)  29 Dec (Fri)  - only lunch will be served.
(ii)  From 29 Dec - evening to 31 Dec - lunch RSAOI will be closed for preparation for new year eve ball.
(a)  02 Dec (Sat) - 1900 Hrs - Normal Tombola at MPH.
(b)  03 Dec (Sun) - 1200 Hrs - Live music at “The Palm “& Brunch / Buffet.
(c)  09 Dec (Sat) - 1900 Hrs - Stand up comedy night by Diego at Cricket Ground (Tentative).
(d)  10 Dec (Sun) - 1200 Hrs - Live music at “The Palm” & brunch / buffet.
(e)  10 Dec (Sun) - 1130 Hrs - Bumper Tombola at MPH.
(f)  13 Dec  to 23 Dec  -  Christmas Santhe.
(g)  13 Dec (Wed) - 1900 Hrs - Normal Tombola at MPH.
(h)  16 Dec (Sat) - 1100 Hrs – ECM.
(j)  16 Dec (Sat) - 1900 Hrs - Karoake Evening.
(k)  17 Dec (Sun) - 1200 Hrs - Live music at “The Palm” & Brunch / Buffet.
(l)  21 Dec (Thu) - 1800 Hrs - Book Club Meet.
(m)  21 Dec (Thu) - 1500 Hrs - Christmas party for Kids (below 13 years).
(n)  21 Dec (Thu) - 1630 to 1730 Hrs - Children Movie.
(o)  22 Dec (Fri) - 2000 Hrs - Carol Singing.
(p)  23 Dec (Sat) - 1900 Hrs - Christmas /New year Super Bumper Tombola (Prize money Rs 1,00,000/-)  at MPH.
(q)  24 Dec (Sun) - 1200 Hrs - Christmas eve live band  at “The Palm” & Brunch / Buffet.
(r)  25 Dec (Mon) - 1930 Hrs - Christmas Brunch with Live Band at “Band Stand, Nook & The Palm”.
(s)  29 Dec (Fri)  - only lunch will be served.
(t)  From 29 Dec evening to 31 Dec lunch RSAOI will be closed for preparation for new year eve ball.
(u)  31 Dec (Sun) - New Year Programme 2000 Hrs onwards.
Col Mario DMonty (Retd)
RSAOI, Bangalore