Dear Members,
1.   INTER CLUB SPORTS TOURNAMENT WITH BANGALORE CLUBThe Interclub Sports tournament is being organised by Bangalore Club from 21 Apr to 23 Apr 23  in the following disciplines as per the schedule and location given below :-  
(a)  Bridge - 21 Apr (Fri) @ 1600 h @ Bangalore Club.
(b)  Squash - 21 Apr (Fri) @ 1700 h @ Bangalore Club.
(c)  Golf - 22 Apr (Sat) @ 0700 h @ ASC GC.
(d)  Tennis - 22 Apr (Sat) @ 1500 h @ Bangalore Club.
(f)  Badminton - 22 Apr (Sat) @ 1600 h @ RSAOI Bangalore.
(e)  Billiards - 22 Apr (Sat) @ 1800 h @ Bangalore Club.
(g)  Cricket - 23 Apr (Sun) @ 0900 h @ RSAOI Bangalore.
Names of Team Captains and their contact Numbers:-
(h)  Golf - Maj Gen Thambiah - 9840579724
(j)  Bridge - Brig LS Reddy - 8762173538
(k)  Badminton - Col Sanjay Rathee - 8923753099
(l)  Cricket - Flt Lt Kuldip - 9844302167
(m)  Squash - Col Suresh - 9900601478
(n)  Tennis - Col Cariappa - 9611043213
(o) Billiards - Col Balasubramaniam 
Note – Members Keen to participate, may forward their names to the respective Team Captains or to OIC Sports, Col BG Cariappa @ 9611043213.
2.  RSAOI BOOK CLUB :- A message from OIC Book Club Col M.E Fernandez (Retd) 99165 09085.
"I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book." - JK Rowling
We thank Maj Gen Ravi Murugan, AVSM, GOC, and our Patron for instantly accepting the idea of this Book Club in RSAOI. We also thank Col Monty, our livewire Secretary for lightning-fast action and constant support to our fledgling club.
The InnerShelf Book Club was launched in October 2022, and thirty-five of us have been having extremely enriching interactions every month. We soon realised that book clubs are a great way to establish camaraderie with other people, & readers.
One can spend hours chatting with people who love the book, the author, the plot, the characters, and many other aspects related to the experience of reading. It is indeed a purposeful way to have an active social life, especially when it is conducted in RSAOI where top-notch facilities, good food, and beverages abound.
We have already discussed five great books, a few international best sellers included. But there is more to our Book Club. Our meetings also help, among other things: -
(a) Encourage people to read on a regular basis.
(b)  Foster friendships with others, fictional characters included!
(c)  Broaden one’s perspective in life.
(d)  Improve writing skills.
(e)  Take a break from life’s madness / mundane routines/demands and
(f)  Refreshments to be served - some good snacks available to us!
Membership of the InnerShelf Book Club is free for RSAOI members. Older children can enjoy immense benefits from the Club as well. We meet every month on the Third Thursday at 1800 hours in RSAOI.
This time around, we are meeting on 16th March to talk about Michelle Obama’s book, ‘The Light We Carry’. All Are Welcome!
3.  MAY QUEEN BALLMQB is being planned in the 2nd week of May 2023.  Volunteer Members are invited to assist in organising the event.
(a)  Three Ladies for the conduct / Training.
(b)  Three Gentlemen for FNB and decorations.
Kindly forward your names to the email
4.  NORMAL TAMBOLA - Normal Tambola on 10 Mar (Fri) from 7.00 PM onwards at MPH.
5.  KARAOKE EVENING - Karaoke Evening on 11 Mar (Sat) @ 7 PM at Bandstand.
(a)  STARRING - Kirk Douglas, Ralph Meeker, Adolphe Menjou
(b)  DATE & TIME -
(i) 11 Mar (Sat) - 6.30 PM.
(ii) 12 Mar (Sun) - 3.00 PM & 6.30 PM.
(i)  To Reserve Call 9900232500.
(ii)  Vacant Seats will be on First Come First Serve Basis.
7.  ECHS MESSAGE - For any query related to ECHS matters, You may contact :-
(a) Col Manish Gupta, Dir ECHS  :  9823682799
(b)  Col B Girish Kumar, OIC ECHS Cell  :  8547550758
(c) Submission of Annual Income Cert of dependents above 18 Yr of age (Excl Spouse) is mandatory (CO ECHS letter No B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS/Gen Corr dated 01 Mar 2023).
(d)  Case of Liver Transplant. Reimbursement Criteria revised vide CO ECHS letter No B/49773/AG/ECHS/Rates/Policy/2023 dated 10  Jan 2023.
Col Mario D’Monty (Retd)
RSAOI, Bangalore