NOTICE - ROTH guest rooms will not be available for booking for 60 days wef 01 Feb 2023 due to renovation. Inconvenience is regretted. 








Eight well furnished rooms are available in the premises.


Room Charges ar given below :-

(a)  First 4 days  -  Rs 1535/- per day.

(b)  Next 3 days  -  Rs 1535/- per day  (Subject to availability of Rooms).

(c)  Next 3 days  -  Rs 2035/- per day (Subject to availability of Rooms).

(d)  Beyond 10 days -  Rs 2,535/- per day (Under exceptional circumstances, Subject to availability of Rooms).


For any queries please send mail to :


Terms and conditions as follows :-


Out Stn Retd Offrs, along with their dependents (wife & children below 25 yrs age), are only occupy ROTH rooms.


For Serving Offrs, Please contact HQ K & K Sub Area (Q). Rxn No - 9380857916.


Occupants will establish their identity with Retd Offrs’ card, before occupation. Children above 25 yrs are NOT permitted.


Relatives, representatives and civilians are not entertained. No foreigners are permitted.


No proxy booking is permitted.


Persons booking the accommodation are required to deposit the full amount in adv to obtain confirmation.


Full refund will be given if the booking is cancelled/change in dates, minimum 7 days in adv.


Before occupation, please ensure serviceability/correctness of all items in the inventory displayed in each room. In case of any doubt, please enquire from the NCO-I/C ROTH or Secy RSAOI. Thereafter care and proper use of all items including the TV set, tele, fittings etc will be the responsibility of the occupant. Damages if any will be made good by the occupant before departure.


While departing, please take care of the tidiness of the room and ensure that no stains are left on carpets, beds, furniture etc.


Check in time will be 1400Hrs and Check out time will be 1200 hrs. Rent will be calculated on day/date basis (and not hours).


Please ensure that the NCO-I/C ROTH Room is informed at least 12 hrs before checking out to facilitate billing.


The occupant will clear all bills including damages before checking out. Also for the items used for tea/coffee beverages, snacks and electrical charges during the stay.


Non-RSAOI Bangalore members, who are occupants of the ROTH, have the privilege of being temporary/reciprocal members of the RSAOI for the duration of their occupation of ROTH.


Room service facilities are not available. 


Bearer will not be sent outside RSAOI premises to get food items or to run errands. He will be available at staggered timings from 0700 hrs to 2100 hrs at the ROTH.


Offrs are requested to bear in mind the needs of occupants of other rooms while employing the bearer.


Dogs/pets are not allowed in ROTH rooms.


Only TWO persons with one or two children will be permitted.


Dependents are not permitted to stay alone.


TUESDAY Holiday, all facilities in RSAOI will be closed..